The Franchise Marketing Podcast

Are you looking for ways to predictably scale your franchise’s marketing? Are you struggling with finding a sustainable way to generate profitable leads for your franchise?

Join franchise marketing expert, Jordan Choo, who runs Kogneta, a franchise marketing agency, as he talks with other marketing experts that have grown their franchise.

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The Episodes

How to Balance Consumer and Franchise Growth As An Emerging Brand

with Joel Friedman, President of JSF Franchising Group Inc.

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Using Lean Startup Principles to Drive Innovation and Growth

with Matt Sharp, CEO & Founder of KidStrong

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How to Take a Local Approach to Reactive Marketing on a National Scale

with Craig Jooste, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Handyman Group

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How to Turn Raving Customers into Dedicated Franchisees

with Matt Hunt, CEO and Founder of Hard Exercise Works

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How Use Innovation As Part of Their Core Culture

with Ken LeBlanc, President of

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How Spray-Net Managed Explosive Franchise Growth

with Carmel Marsala, Founder & CEO of Spray-net

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How 3rd Degree Training Creates Viral Marketing Loops

with Steve Collette, Co-Founder & CEO of 3rd Degree Training

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How to Balance Culture and Aggressive Franchise Growth Goals

with Michael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts

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