Hi! We're Kogneta

We’re a team of remote marketers, designers and developers dedicated to helping franchises grow.

We design, develop and execute data-driven and ROI focused digital marketing campaigns to help franchises generate more sales.

But, it’s not about us — it’s about you

We started this company for you – franchises – because we believe that you deserve an agency that focuses on revenue and sales rather than impressions and traffic.

We believe in

Quality leads over quantity

Unlike other agencies, we focus on providing quality leads rather than a large amount of low quality leads by using customer centric marketing strategies.

Scalable and predictable marketing

We focus on finding and using scalable marketing strategies that generate a consistent and predictable flow of leads and revenue.

Revenue focused strategies

At the end of the day you want sales and revenue not impressions and traffic which is why we focus those important metrics that move the needle for your business.

Transparent communication

Transparency and honesty is at the core of what we do which is why we keep a clear and transparent line of communication with you.

Ready to grow your franchise?

About Our Managing Director

Jordan Choo

Jordan Choo

Jordan is our managing director who will be helping you find and retain more customers in a profitable and predictable manner.

Jordan has been part of the digital marketing industry since 2004 where he started his first online business. Since then he’s worked with a wide range of companies including local sushi restaurants to multi-national franchises.