Jordan Choo

Managing Partner

Jordan is Kogneta’s trusted leader and Managing Partner. Since a young age, he has always had a heart for entrepreneurship.

His journey started at the age of 15 when he started his first business that sold ebook on how to potty train your puppy. Since then he’s worked with a wide range of companies from help local mom and pop sushi restaurants drive bookings on valentine’s day to multinational conglomerates optimize their revenue. 

After working with local businesses for several years in a variety of different ways, Jordan noticed that there was this consistent need for driving systematic and ROI focused growth without the B.S. and transparency that many agencies lack

With this information at hand and years of hands-on experience, Jordan co-founded Kogneta to help local businesses go from stagnant or inconsistent growth to profitable and predictable.

He also runs Kogneta’s Franchise Marketing Podcast where he talks with franchisors and leaders in the space on what makes a franchise grow.

Jordan is also the quite half of AgencyAutomators which is an on going hangout talking about all things automation and SEO with Noah Learner.

Want to Grow Profitably and Predictably Without The B.S.?