How to Create a New Franchise Business Model to Disrupt an Industry

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo with Mike Hanrahan as they talk about creating a new franchise model to disrupt an industry. Mike is the founder and managing director of Maid2Clean, a UK domestic and home cleaning service provider. He shares the business model he built that ensured minimal risk, low operating cost, high-profit margin, and consistent residual income. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A business model unlike the traditional cleaning service model
  • The decision to franchise due to growth in employee numbers
  • Marketing analysis in terms of charged prices
  • A checking system using landline and cell phone service
  • How to franchise a business with only a shoestring budget
  • And so much more!


About Mike Hanrahan:

Mike Hanrahan founded Maid2Clean in 1993 to make people’s lives better. Everyone has fast-paced lives with demanding occupations, making it hard to keep on top of cleaning homes or simply spend time outside of work doing other things.

From running his own cleaning business, Mike had built a successful business model that worked. It brought him the lifestyle he wanted. He could work flexibly from home, and the business model ensured minimal risk, with a low operating cost, high-profit margin, and consistent residual income.

Mike founded the Maid2Clean franchise to help create a better lifestyle for people that wanted something of their own rather than working for other people.


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