How to Use Tik-Tok to Drive Growth for Your Franchise

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo with his guest Anne-Marie Martin as they talk about how to use social media such as Facebook and TikTok to drive growth for your franchise. Anne-Marie Martin is a professional dancer, a certified instructor, and the founder of Diddi Dance. Here, they made it their mission to enhance children’s endless energy and enthusiasm through funky, full of fun dance sessions that build confidence, coordination, and creativity. Diddi Dance classes are designed to help toddlers improve their coordination and rhythm, nurturing their natural love of movement in structured yet relaxed 45-minute sessions. After running for over ten years in London, the people at Diddi Dance have successfully implemented its program in nurseries, schools, and children’s centers. Not only that, but the franchise now has 40 locations all across the United Kingdom, with more opening up all the time.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What made Anne-Marie take the franchising route for Diddi Dance
  • Why you should do all the necessary research first before trademarking your business
  • How to empower your franchisees to ensure that they feel as accomplished as you
  • The value of social media and online content creation in marketing your franchise
  • How to approach the creation of your franchise’s content that will resonate with your target market
  • And much more!

About Anne-Marie Martin:

Anne-Marie Martin is a professional dancer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in ballet and contemporary dance. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree, majoring in Dance. After earning her degree in 1997, Anne-Marie amassed dance instructing experience in different settings, including special needs. And so, as she founded Diddi Dance, she designed its classes to accommodate all kinds of kids.

Besides being an award-winning franchisor, Anne-Marie also serves as a Regional Chair at Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF), providing advice and guidance to women looking for a route into the franchise industry. The EWIF is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers who encourage women to consider buying a franchise or franchise their existing operations and help franchisors attract more women to their networks.

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