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About the episode

Join Jordan Choo, the host of The Franchise Marketing Podcast, with his guest Brian Bazely, as they talk about using the power of diversity to create and identify new markets. Brian Bazely is the CEO and Co-founder of Driverseat Inc, they offer chauffeur and shuttle services. Driverseat Inc was awarded the Consumers Choice Award for Barrie’s Best Airport Service 2020. Their unique care-based approach to transportation has impacted a lot of lives.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why did Brian and his Co-founder start a transportation business?
  • The fast growing number of Driverseat Inc’s franchisees.
  • New locations promote more brand awareness and reciprocity.
  • How building meaningful relationships has helped them in the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Driverseat’s four strategies in surviving the pandemic.
  • The importance of having core values and a governance model in business.
  • Driverseat App is an innovative mobile application that you can download on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t by Jim Collins
  • Chuck Runyon, the CEO of Anytime Fitness, is the franchise leader Brian looks up to most.
  • And much more!


About Driverseat Inc:

Driverseat is a franchise company with multiple locations across Canada and the U.S. Driverseat franchises offer Chauffeur services (driver for hire) and / or Shuttle services (in fleet vans).

As a premiere service, we have reinvented transportation by providing unique, client centric services. By out-caring the competition at every step of the way, corporate clients and consumers have enjoyed customized solutions at industry low price points. Driverseat’s unique offering means that customers can enjoy an evening out, and get driven home in the comfort of their own car. Travelers can decide to be driven to the airport in their own vehicle, or in a fleet van. Corporate partners are using Driverseat services to provide employee shuttles, to work or between locations. Senior day programs choose Driverseat because of the extensive training the Coachmen (drivers) have, and the care-centric approach ensures that seniors with cognitive challenges are supported from door to door.

As a franchise, Driverseat is one of the most unique business opportunities there is. Due to the low capital investment, low overhead, and high margin, franchise partners are able to invest their money into growing their business, rather than leasehold improvements in a bricks and mortar opportunity. With a primary focus on sales and marketing, franchise partners can scale the business quickly and without limitation, simply by doing two things: marketing and hiring Coachmen.

We offer our franchise partners tremendous autonomy in how they operate their business. While the brand recipe is consistent throughout, they can be extremely entrepreneurial in how they build their client base, where they derive their revenue from, and what types of services they can provide. This has allowed franchisees to develop unique relationships and grow their business in a manner that is consistent both with their community, as well as the brand standards. Driverseat uses a royalty payment model for their franchisees.


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