How to Scale Your Franchise Through Acquisitions

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo and his guest Tom Britt as they talk about scaling your franchise through acquisitions. Tom is the founder and CEO of Towne Post Network, upsetting the print industry with their new cross-platform digital franchise system since 2004. Towne Post is a family-owned franchise business that publishes monthly community magazines in their respective territories. Each publication focuses on promoting the good news in their communities, featuring local businesses, people, and family events. If you want to learn how to scale your franchising business, listen to Tom Britt on today’s episode of the Franchise Marketing Podcast!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Tom Britt decided to go down the road of franchising for his publication network.
  • What goes into developing an operator’s manual, and how it can change with time.
  • How digitalization has impacted products like print through the years and ways to work around it.
  • The power of content distribution in digital marketing and how it can help a franchise grow steadily.
  • Why slow and steady wins the race when starting a franchise, and the importance of building a solid foundation for it.
  • And much more!

About Tom Britt:

Tom Britt founded Towne Post Network in 2003 when its first publication was still called the Geist Community Newsletter. Back then, they mailed the newsletter to over 2,500 residents around Geist Reservoir. But after combining digital and print effectively, the community newsletter grew in reach and popularity by highlighting local restaurants, people, and events. Today, the Towne Post Network has 18 franchised locations in central and northern Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area, with a total monthly distribution of over 260,000 magazines.

Now, the Towne Post Network, Inc. is a franchise system headquartered in Fishers, Indiana. Each hyper-local publication is independently owned and operates under the Towne Post franchise system. By streamlining the production, printing, and mailing for each community magazine, franchisees enjoy tremendous cost savings, translating to a cost-effective advertising medium for small businesses. Their franchise offering allows the Champions of Communities to monetize their passion for spotlighting the great news happening on a local level.

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