How to Launch Your Franchise During a Pandemic

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Join Nigel Dawson and his guest Calvin McNeely as they talk about billboard marketing, learning how to work with consultants, boosting the businesses of smaller communities, franchising during a pandemic, and so much more. In this episode, Calvin also explains his business, Runningboards Marketing, and their two-hour block system of advertising. For Calvin, if there’s one thing that an entrepreneur must hold in mind to help the business push through hurdles, it’s clarity with the business’ purpose. Knowing clear and sound that you’re doing something good for your stakeholders can provide you and your business the drive to achieve, sustain, and cement its place in the game.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Coming up with DAV®, a digital mobile billboard.
  • Short-term contracts on repeat – subscription advertising.
  • “We’re going to be the leader; we’ll set the pace first!”
  • What drives us every single day…
  • On what helps the business push through barriers.

About Calvin McNeely:

Calvin McNeely is a true entrepreneur. He started his first business at age 18, with his HQ in his upstairs bedroom of his parents’ house. He’s owned over 30 businesses, start-ups, and acquisitions, with many successes. His most notable being Hi-Lite Airfield Services, formed in 1989.  Now, the Hi-Lite Group of companies has offices around the world to service Airport Runways and Airfields.

Recognizing the struggle he and other business owners have getting brand awareness in their community, he co-founded Runningboards Marketing (RBM), his next greatest venture fulfilling a need Calvin saw based on his other investment holdings. This is an untapped marketing sector, and RBM will lead the way!

Calvin has always had a passion for family and business. He’s a lifelong resident of Jefferson County, NY, married to Rhonda for 37 years, has three married children and eight grandchildren!


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