How to Create a Strong Support System in the Franchise Community

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo and his guest Keith Levenson, Emerging Franchise System Specialist, as they talk about how Keith helps brands in their micro-emerging state navigate through process, missteps, strategies, etc. In this episode, Keith also talks about an individual’s everyday struggles in the franchising niche and why it’s crucial to identify and grow with a community. For Keith, it is vital for anyone who is getting into franchising to know that it is far from being a cookie-cutter field. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The Functions of an Emerging Franchise Systems Specialist.
  • In business, empathy is often forgotten – and is what needs to be taught.
  • What I recognized earlier in my journey on franchising.
  • How does connection start among newcomers in the franchise community?
  • “It is special, and it is different – so treat it like that.”


About Keith Levenson:

Keith is a former COO of an emerging franchise brand and current Emerging Franchise Systems Specialist with AC Inc, who is working on obtaining his CFE certification in 2021. The goal at AC Inc is to give AWESOME advice. AC is doing business differently with a business-is-fun attitude, experienced team, and CLEAR action steps in each meeting to move you towards set goals.

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Keith Levenson

Emerging Franchise System Specialist at Angela Cote Inc.

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