How Franchisors Can Skyrocket FD Sales With Intelligent Lead Nurturing

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo and his guest Corey Nicholson, today on the Franchise Marketing Podcast as they talk about the role of leads in growing a successful and influential franchise. In this episode, Corey explains the most common reason why some franchises fail. He also stressed the importance of accountability, defined responsibilities, and the standard for what defines a good team when he talks about investing right upfront. Without the right partnership and approach, a franchise may not even have leads in the pipeline to worry about in the first place.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The areas where some franchises fail.
  • How can franchisors effectively equip their sales team?
  • Automation + Warm Human Service
  • Going upfront with the right partners and a slick lead nurturing campaign
  • Validate Your Concept: The steps to take right after.

About Axis Integrated:

Corey is the Vice President of Business Development in AXIS Integrated. AXIS is an integrated technology and marketing company that delivers holistic solutions consisting of multiple services working together seamlessly to address your business’s unique needs. Their experts specialize in the development of customer-centric database solutions, web-enabled marketing applications, and outbound communications.

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Corey Nicholson

Vice President, Business Development at Axis Integrated

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