Building a Strong Moat by Creating a Sub-Niche For Your Franchise

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo, the host of The Franchise Marketing Podcast, with his guests Tim Slesinger and Nigel Dawson, as they talk about building a strong moat by creating a sub-niche for your franchise! Tim is the CEO of easyStorage and Nigel is the Franchise Director and Co-Founder. An incredible company that created a new niche inside the storage industry!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The background story of easyStorage and how they formed their partnership.
  • Creating a new market and making it accessible to the masses.
  • Their business is all about building a sustainable franchise business and being well-priced.
  • How they’re leveraging data to provide a great service for their customers.
  • The best marketing campaigns they ran so far in the consumer and franchise side.
  • What is their favourite book and app that helps them a lot in their business?
  • Tim and Nigel mentioned amazing people in the episode that you should check out!
  • And much more!


About easyStorage:

easyStorage is a member of the easy family of brands, offering the no-frills approach to storage. The storage industry in its current form is hugely inefficient and therefore much more expensive than it needs to be. If there was ever an industry that the ‘easy’ brand was made for, it is storage.

easyStorage offers a no-frills approach to pricing. Customers will pay a sensible margin for storage and then pay for all the extras as they need them. These would be packing materials, packing, insurance, as well as collection and delivery (with cheaper slots for when a delivery is already booked in the area). Each priced sensibly and on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Unlike traditional self-storage, we bring self-storage to the customer’s door by delivering flat-pack boxes in advance, and then when the items are ready for collection we collect them directly from customers. Unlike walk-in self storage, we take advantage of storing high in a warehouse, using cubic meters that are often otherwise wasted.

Customers manage their accounts online, where they can upload photos and descriptions of what is in each box. This inventory process makes it easy to select particular boxes for return, which can be booked for a preferred date.


You can find Tim Slesinger and Nigel Dawson on…  


Tim’s Email: [email protected]

Nigel’s Email: [email protected] 

Tim’s LinkedIn:

Nigel’s LinkedIn: 

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