Social Media Marketing

Social media has completely revolutionized the way brands and customers interact. From a happy customer experience going viral or an angry customer leaving a bad review, it has the power to make or break a company. Read about how you can leverage social media marketing to help grow your franchise or multi-location business.

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How to Set Social Media Guidelines for Franchisees

Franchises have been following brand standards for decades, crafting style guides and approving brochures and advertisements before they went to print. But with the entrance of social media into the marketing landscape, adhering to these standards has become more difficult, but is just as, if not more important. Without these standards, the message and style of a brand becomes

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Facebook location for franchises

Why franchise marketers love Facebook Locations

If you have ever been tasked with managing Facebook Pages for multiple locations, you’ve probably come up against some of the same challenges faced by other franchise marketers. Often different franchisee and employees have created different Facebook Pages at different times, with their own branding and admins. The resulting inconsistency is a branding nightmare. Obtaining

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Creating a Social Media Presence Without Being Present

Today we are so connected by technology that location has a narrow effect on careers and business opportunities. An increasing number of people are working from wherever they want, freelancing, telecommuting, and Skyping in for business meetings that in the old school (aka pre-internet) days used to require a physical presence. According to a 2015

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