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How Franchises Can Create Blog Posts From Their Haters

Published by in Content Marketing

Nobody wants a negative voice saying things about their business, whether it’s an online troll or an in-person hater yelling at the front line about what they purchased. Even though negativity in any form isn’t appreciated, it is possible to 


How to Get Business Reviews For Your Franchisees

Published by in Local SEO

Franchisors who are in a fortunate enough position to oversee a few dozen franchise locations often have much bigger fish to fry than acquiring local business reviews. It’s unfortunate because just like any other small local business, obtaining reviews online 


The Last Minute Black Friday Checklist for Retail Franchises

Published by in Digital Marketing

It’s mere days away. You’re ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, right? Whether you’re banking on foot traffic or web traffic for the coming pre- and post-Thanksgiving shopping binge, by now you have your inventory and campaigns ready and 


Why franchise marketers love Facebook Locations

Published by in Social Media Marketing

If you have ever been tasked with managing Facebook Pages for multiple locations, you’ve probably come up against some of the same challenges faced by other franchise marketers. Often different franchisee and employees have created different Facebook Pages at different 


Get ready to more aggressively promote your local franchises on Google Maps

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Google has announced a whole suite of changes and upgrades to its advertising platforms, and nearly all revolve around local and mobile search. With Promoted Pins for Google Maps, multi-location businesses and franchises can feature prominently on a user’s route.