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What is franchise marketing and how to do it?

Published by in Digital Marketing

You probably hear the term franchise marketing thrown around quite a lot but, what does it mean and how do you do it successfully? What is franchise marketing Franchise marketing is any activity that a franchise does in order to 


How to Setup Multiple AdWords Accounts for a Single Domain

Published by in PPC

In the past, we’ve talked about how to set up your AdWords account for multiple locations and whether the franchisee or franchisor should be managing their PPC campaigns but, we haven’t touched on setting up multiple AdWords Accounts for a 


SEO Site Structure Strategy for Multiple Locations

Published by in Local SEO

When creating a website for your multi-location business, it is easy to overlook certain aspects of the process. One of the most forgotten component is that multi-location sites need to have a unique SEO site structure. Whether your company has 


PPC Marketing for Dealerships

Published by in PPC

At the heart of any pay-per-click marketing campaign is a sound strategy that includes high opportunity keywords, properly targeted audiences, unique ad text and sleek landing pages. This is no different when it comes to PPC for auto dealerships. You 


Franchisor vs Franchisee social media accounts: Which one is right for you?

Published by in Social Media Marketing

So you’ve begun selling franchises and once the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted it’s time to get to work and help market your franchisees! And you can’t discuss marketing without talking about social media. Most businesses need 

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