How Paoli Vetcare Increased New Clients by 181%


Paoli Vetcare is a veterinary clinic and animal hospital in Pennsylvania. The clinic has been open since 1960, we helped them grow new clients by 181% and organic leads by you 826%


  • Undo all of the bad practices that previous companies did
  • Enhance local brand awareness
  • Acquire new clients profitably and predictable


  • Redevelop website codebase according to best practices
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive local SEO strategy
  • Launch hyper local digital PR campaigns


  • 265% growth in organic traffic
  • New clients up by 181%
  • 826% increase in organic leads 
“I can’t imagine you could find a better partner for you business. Jordan is astoundingly responsive, effective, and committed. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how easy he is to work with and his amazing results

Erin Downes,
Practice Owner & Hospital Administrator, Paoli Vetcare


Finding a reliable partner that will actually grow sales

After working with several 3rd parties in an attempt to improve their search engine presence, Paoli Vet Care was seeking a partner to work with over the long term that will not only improve search engine visibility but, will more importantly focus on acquiring new customers in a scalable and predictable manner.


Local SEO & Digital PR Campaign & Strategy

In order to not only undo the damage done by previous 3rd party vendors but to see positive growth, Kogneta and Paoli Vetcare developed a roadmap to drive short and long term results which consisted of:


  1. Performing and implementing a deep technical SEO audit that identified and resolved critical on-site SEO issues.
  2. Conducting comprehensive keyword and competitive research to develop an ongoing SEO strategy.
  3. Executing a multi-faceted content and link building campaign focused on predictable and profitable growth.


The SEO and digital PR campaign for Paoli Vetcare has been a smashing success, helping them grow by:


New Clients

By implementing a content strategy and link building campaign, Paoli Vetcare’s traffic is now at an all time historical high.



With double and triple digit growth in traffic and conversion rate, Paoli Vetcare has seen a night and day improvement in their number of monthly leads.


Organic Leads

Focusing on putting the right content in front of the right people at all stages in the buying journey, Paoli Vetcare’s conversion rate has grown significantly.

In addition to the results, Erin also noted several other key areas of growth that Kogneta has helped Paoli Vetcare experience since the launch of their SEO campaign. 

This is includes growing sales, visits, payments and even new clients up across the board by double digits.

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