How A Lawyer Got A 7000:1 Return on Marketing

Martin J Doane runs an employment and labor legal practice. Wanting to rapidly expand his practice, Martin approached us to help him reach new clients.


Profitably Acquiring Clients As A New Practice

Recently relaunching his law practice, Martin J Doane needed a cost effective way of to acquire new clients in a highly competitive niche while differentiating himself from the many other employment lawyers and firms in his area.


Highly Targeted PPC Campaign

To start generating clients quickly, we helped Martin develop a hyper focused pay per click advertising campaign using Google’s AdWords platform in order to target bottom of the funnel leads conducting searches relating to unemployment lawyers.

Working with Martin, we conducted extensive user and competitive research in order to identify key attributes to incorporate into the campaign that would resonate with his future clients.

Using the information gathered during the research phase, we design and developed highly targeted landing pages and ad copy that was used a starting point for Martin’s advertising campaign.

Upon launching the campaign, we worked with Martin to determine lead quality and closing rate. This paired with a high velocity A/B testing on his ads and implementing a rigorous conversion rate optimization program allowed Martin’s advertising campaign to improve its performance across the board week over week.


With the success of his campaign, Martin continues to work with us to drive high quality leads on a steady basis growing his practice at an exponential rate. Some of the key wins that we’ve helped Martin achieve with his campaign includes:


Closing Rate

Focusing solely on high converting keywords, Martin converts many of the leads he receives into clients.


Return on Ad Spend

With extensive user research and conversion rate optimization, Martin was able to get an phenomenal return on ad spend.


Cost Per Acquisition

Using advanced bidding strategies, Martin’s cost per acquisition is at a historical best.

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