Web Design & Development for Franchises

Find out how to navigate your way through the treacherous waters of redesigning your franchise’s website while avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes that many make

What You'll Learn

This playbook will walk you through step by step on how to:

  • Using user personas to drive dictate content
  • Creating an scalable site structure
  • Whether or not you should be using microsites
  • How to create franchise development site to increase leads

Who This is For

This playbook was developed for:

  • Franchise founders
  • CMOs of franchises looking to grow
  • New marketing team members that are looking to learn

Meet Your Expert

Managing Partner at Kogneta, Jordan has worked with and helped numerous franchises grow by triple digits using profitable and predictable digital marketing strategies that actually work.

Jordan Choo – Managing Partner at Kogneta

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