Why Every Franchise Needs a Franchisee Coaching Program

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo with his guest Jennifer Brannon as they talk about why every franchise needs a franchisee coaching program. Jennifer Brannon is a franchise and small business advisor with Angela Coté Inc. The company provides excellent advice for businesses and franchisors seeking visionary growth, impactful action plans, and positive changes in profitability and operations, including franchisee recruitment and support. They also help people thinking of franchising their business to make a wise and informed decision about their path forward and figure out if franchising truly is the right move for them and their brand. Jennifer also serves as a franchise development director for Tutor Doctor, a brand she has been a franchisee for nine years. Here, she takes in people interested in learning more about business ownership with Tutor Doctor through an evaluation to determine if they would have a mutually beneficial business partnership.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jennifer transitioned from being a franchisee to a franchise growth specialist
  • The common stumbling blocks established franchisees make when running their business
  • The value of having both a support system and a coaching program for franchisees
  • How to choose a good franchise business coach and determine a coach-to-franchisee ratio
  • The importance of connecting with your franchisees as either a franchisor or a coach
  • And much more!

About Jennifer Brannon:

Jennifer Brannon has been involved with franchising for over 20 years in the supplemental education industry, spending the last nine years as a top-performing franchisee with Tutor Doctor. She grew her franchise from a single owner/operator unit to a multi-unit system encompassing seven individual territories in Central Ontario. Jennifer also acted as a business coach, mentoring new franchisees by focusing on helping them with specific vital areas such as staffing, systems, sales, marketing, and leadership. 

Not long after, Jennifer was connected with Angela Cote by an old business colleague right as she was looking for her next career path. Angela and Jennifer hit it off immediately, and since then, their instant connection combined with her franchise background made Jennifer a perfect addition to Angela’s team.

You can find Jennifer Brannon on…

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbrannon888/ 

Company Website: https://angelacote.com/ 


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanchoo 

Podcast Website: https://kogneta.com/franchise-marketing-podcast 

Website: http://jordanchoo.com 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JordanChoo

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Jennifer Brannon

Franchise Growth Specialist at Angela Cote Inc.

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Asana – https://asana.com/

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Angelacote.com – https://angelacote.com/