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About the episode

Join Jordan Choo, the host of The Franchise Marketing Podcast, with his guest Angela Coté, as they talk about the top 3 mistakes emerging franchises make. Angela’s company is called Angela Coté Inc, and she is a Franchise Growth Catalyst. She and her team offer training and coaching services to businesses to learn more about the franchise model. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Angela’s background in the franchise industry. 
  • Helping people out of the franchise factories, people are spending more money than they should. 
  • The three biggest mistakes franchises make and how to avoid them. 
  •  Be transparent with the people you’re going to hire. They should know what to expect in the business. 
  • It is important to have a conversation with your employees about roles they can transition into when they start feeling uncomfortable. 
  • Have somebody to guide and help you understand the early stages of franchising.
  • Robert Bruski helped Angela Coté create the Play Bigger Groups. Building trust with other people to go beyond and become vulnerable.
  • Voxer, a voice messaging app that Angela and her team use to communicate.
  • Check out Marie Forleo’s book Everything Is Figureoutable.
  • Who are Dan Monaghan and Mary Kennedy Thompson?


About Angela Coté:

Angela’s family founded the iconic Canadian brand, M&M Meat Shops, a successful coast-to-coast franchise company that grew to almost 500 locations and won multiple business awards and distinctions.

Why Angela?

Angela’s experience in franchising is over 25 years in the making. Growing up with the successful Canadian brand M&M Food Market, her unique background gives her a wealth of experiential wisdom to share with her clients.

Angela Coté Inc. is the only place to find the Legendary F3 Framework that was born out of Angela’s unique experience as a Franchisor, Franchisee, and extensive time in the Field with franchisees.

Angela is focused on actionable steps and measurable results. No clichés or empty promises. She has a passion for creating REAL growth and positive change in her clients’ businesses.

Angela is known for creating and facilitating collaborative environments, like her Play Bigger Performance Groups, which leave participants with clear, actionable steps and the motivation to do what they need for growth. Her bold yet authentic, approach inspires the people around her to play bigger and achieve greatness.

Angela and her team are open to working with any franchisor who is serious about growth and truly ready to play bigger through one-on-one advising, Play Bigger Performance Groups, interactive speaking engagements, and private Play Bigger Retreats.


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