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About the episode

Join Jordan Choo, the host of The Franchise Marketing Podcast, with his guest Heidi Morrissey, as they talk about how to use transparency to drive sustainable change for your franchise! Heidi is the President of the Kitchen Tune-Up, a company that specializes in one-day wood restoration, cabinet refacing, cabinet redooring, and new cabinets for both residential and commercial customers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Their franchise business was founded in 1988 and is now 32 years old.
  • The best franchise relationships are aligned and collaborative. 
  • Know your reason behind your goals and pursue them with determination.
  • What new collaboration and projects are they doing now?
  • The learnings she had along the way and the importance of mindset.
  • What is Heidi’s favorite application that helps her stay organized?
  • Darren Hardy’s book is called The Compound Effect.
  • Angela Cote is a great franchise leader with an amazing mastermind group.
  • And much more!


About Heidi Morrissey:

Heidi Morrissey joined Kitchen Tune-Up in May of 2003 at the urging of her father and Kitchen Tune-Up founder, Dave Haglund. Prior to joining Kitchen Tune-Up, Heidi worked as an elementary school teacher and ran her own home-based business for 11 years when her dad convinced her that her skills could be best used for the family business.

Heidi joined Kitchen Tune-Up and worked in different areas, finally finding a home in marketing and sales, where she felt she could make dramatic transformations.

In her second year at Kitchen Tune-Up, she helped coordinate and activate the National Advertising Fund. During her third year, she helped the company undergo a full rebranding (the first in 18 years). Heidi has grown the sales and marketing departments, allowing her to get out of the day-to-day tasks and concentrate on growing and strengthening the Kitchen Tune-Up system.

After working with the Home Office for more than a decade, Heidi interacts constantly with each individual franchise partner, all of whom she knows by name. Heidi is passionate about bringing an outstanding level of assistance and guidance to each franchisee, helping to guide Kitchen Tune-Up’s reputation for regarding franchisees as “part of the family.” When she’s not working, Heidi is a Pilates teacher and certified MELT instructor. She enjoys biking with her husband, three daughters and their rescue dogs, and loves to cook and scrapbook. Her favourite type of cabinet is maple and she appreciates the simplicity of a slab door.


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