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About the episode

Join Jordan Choo, the host of The Franchise Marketing Podcast, with his guest Jamie Berube, as they talk about how to put together a franchise advisory board. Jamie is the President and CEO of WP Creations, helping parents capture and remember the look of their child’s small hands and feet. WP Creations is a Canada-wide franchise company and is becoming one of Canada’s fastest-growing home-based businesses! And they have over 40 locations throughout North America!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jamie transitioned from being a franchisee to becoming a franchisor.
  • Every step you take and the mistakes you make is really an opportunity for growth.
  • It is not really about becoming a good leader to them but is about being part of their team.
  • Normally, some of your franchisees will have a hard time seeing the direction of the business.
  • The strategies and the most successful marketing campaigns they do in their company.
  • Jamie loves her business so much and cannot imagine living without her emails.
  • Her favourite book is Start with Why by Simon Sinek!
  • Angela Coté is a rock star and such an inspirational model that Jamie looks up to.
  • And much more!


About WP Creations:

WP Creations, formerly Wee Piggies & Paws has been capturing memories since 2001.

With a team of over 30 Canadian locations, our mission is to help families remember the look and feel of your baby’s precious hand and footprints.  We provide a variety of keepsake options from our raised impressions and 3D lifecasts to our fingerprint jewellery, photo crystals, canvas prints, and now with DIY kits,  our vision is to see one of our keepsakes in every family’s home.


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Email: [email protected] 



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Jamie Berube

President and CEO of WP Creations

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Which franchise leader do you look up to most?
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