How to Create a Franchise Holdco That Promotes Cross Pollination

About the episode

Join Jordan Choo with his guest Steven Knight as they talk about how to create a franchise Holdco that promotes cross-pollination. Steven Knight is a partner and the creator of solutions and opportunities at Mosaic Home Services Ltd, an Edmonton-based incubator of home improvement brands. Since 2016, Steven and his team have invested in 10 different brands, which continue to grow by more than 50% each year. Together, the partners at Mosaic are on a mission to create Canada’s largest home improvement franchise network by building stable and scalable brands. Their business model focuses on helping entrepreneurs in the home-improvement sector grow franchisable business models by incorporating recurring revenue models, fine-tuned systems, and infectious corporate cultures. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Steven first got into the franchising world as a franchisee
  • What inspired them to choose the Holdco structure for their master franchise
  • The struggle of emerging franchises when going up against national brands
  • How to continuously grow your brands by leveraging your customers’ data
  • What the best marketing channels are for up-and-coming businesses
  • And much more!

About Steven Knight:

While focusing on Business Economics & Law, Steven Knight earned a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction at the University of Alberta. There, he also built his professional career at B&B Demolition Ltd. while founding other small businesses. A devoted volunteer, Steven is a proud member of the Global Shapers Community and a Past Director at Youth Empowerment & Support Services. His work at Mosaic includes financial analysis, portfolio management, and revenue. In the meantime, Steven also mentors the management teams within each Mosaic brand. His thought leadership in the small and medium-sized enterprises and home-improvement industries has been featured internationally in Forbes, among other publications.

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Steven Knight

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