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About the episode

In this week’s episode of The Franchise Marketing Podcast, join Jordan Choo with Anthony Mac Neil, as they talk about the story and growth of Premier Floorball Inc. Anthony Mac Neil is the President of Premier Floorball Inc in North America, and they help entrepreneurs establish floorball clubs in their communities through franchising. Listen to the episode now and discover the emerging sport of floorball!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of how the Premier Floorball Inc started and evolved.
  • How many franchisees does Premier Floorball Inc currently have?
  • Any business model has two kinds of paths.
  • What are the advantages of a lifestyle franchise?
  • The importance of relationships inside and outside of the sport.
  • Premier Floorball Inc is aiming to accomplish more franchise growth.
  • And much more!


About Premier Floorball:

Premier Floorball Inc (PFI) is the franchisor for Premier Floorball Clubs in Canada (USA).


Premier Floorball Inc provides “franpreneurs” with a turnkey franchise system, training, and ongoing support to help launch, operate, and grow a sustainable floorball club sports business in their community. Our school workshops, minor hockey cross-training programs, party, and corporate team building events are geared towards engaging players, coaches, and officials and helping them learn to play this safe, fun, and engaging sport within their community.


Floorball is an international, emerging sport that is played in 72+ countries. It looks like indoor hockey but plays more like soccer. Our goal is to help youth DISCOVER FLOORBALL and experience the most exciting sport exploding across the globe. Our vision is that all our Premier Floorball franchisees, players, coaches, and officials will come to enjoy a better sports experience in all our floorball clubs through our consistently delivered high-value sports programs/activities.

The multi-billion-dollar organized youth sports industry is ripe for new sport alternatives that are fun, safe, affordable, and challenging. Sports models like ours are beginning to emerge and offer parents a healthier alternative and safe sports environment for their children. The company is based in Bedford, Nova Scotia, and has been operating for five years and four months.


You can find Anthony Mac Neil on…



Company Email [email protected]

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