Stay up to date on the latest pay per click advertising strategies and techniques with our article library. We’ll walk you through step by step on how to start effectively and consistently generate high-quality leads for your franchise or multi-location business using tactics that we’ve tried and tested. Whether you’re just starting out with PPC or are looking for something more advanced we’ve got you covered.

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How to Setup Multiple AdWords Accounts for a Single Domain

In the past, we’ve talked about how to set up your AdWords account for multiple locations and whether the franchisee or franchisor should be managing their PPC campaigns but, we haven’t touched on setting up multiple AdWords Accounts for a single domain. I’ve worked with several companies that have opted for setting up multiple AdWords

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PPC Marketing for Car Dealerships

At the heart of any pay-per-click marketing campaign is a sound strategy that includes high opportunity keywords, properly targeted audiences, unique ad text and sleek landing pages. This is no different when it comes to PPC for auto dealerships. You don’t have to run a massive online ecommerce business or sell consulting services online to

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Franchisor versus Franchisee PPC Management

It can be extremely effective for franchisors to centrally manage advertising campaigns on behalf of franchisees — particularly for brand campaigns, and large ad buys that benefit from pooled advertising dollars. But paid search (PPC) campaigns are a different animal. They don’t rely on pooled advertising dollars for economies of scale. And done well, hands-on

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How Multi-Location Businesses Need to Set Up Their AdWords Accounts

Franchise and multi-location business are fundamentally different from your corner store: they require a macro and micro approach to marketing and management. It is essential to be aware of what is going on at a large scale, but you also have to pay close attention to each each individual location. No small task. Building and

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Google Maps promoted pins for franchises

Get ready to more aggressively promote your local franchises on Google Maps

Google has announced a whole suite of changes and upgrades to its advertising platforms, and nearly all revolve around local and mobile search. With Promoted Pins for Google Maps, multi-location businesses and franchises can feature prominently on a user’s route. Get the lowdown and learn how you can prepare for this lucrative new advertising opportunity.

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