Content Marketing

Good content marketing has the ability to turn readers into revenue by educating and empowering your customers with content that shows off your experience and extensive knowledge in your industry. Read about the strategies and techniques that we use to help franchises and multi-location business grow with content marketing.

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Content Marketing Framework for Franchises

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Today, we’re going to provide you with a complete framework for rolling out a franchise-wide content marketing strategy. Content marketing is a very compelling marketing tool for franchisors for a number of reasons: It provides a unique, more meaningful avenue 

How Franchises Can Create Blog Posts From Their Haters

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Nobody wants a negative voice saying things about their business, whether it’s an online troll or an in-person hater yelling at the front line about what they purchased. Even though negativity in any form isn’t appreciated, it is possible to 

The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide for Resorts

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The need for content marketing in the hospitality industry has increased astronomically. Over the past few years the once comfortable resort industry has been shaken to its core by the introduction and rapid popularity of sharing-industry platforms such as HomeAway