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Creating a Social Media Presence Without Being Present

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Today we are so connected by technology that location has a narrow effect on careers and business opportunities. An increasing number of people are working from wherever they want, freelancing, telecommuting, and Skyping in for business meetings that in the 


5 Ways Local SEO and Content Marketing Work Together for Multi-Location Businesses

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With nearly seven billion local searches monthly, being listed on the first page is more important than ever, especially for franchises and multi-location businesses. Why pay for this when you can get it for free with a powerful combination of 


How is Email Marketing Different For Single & Multi-Location Businesses?

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We live in a day and age where folks around the world are growing increasingly more attached to their mobile and desktop devices. We are constantly finding new ways to keep in touch with one another, whether it is via 


The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide for Resorts

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The need for content marketing in the hospitality industry has increased astronomically. Over the past few years the once comfortable resort industry has been shaken to its core by the introduction and rapid popularity of sharing-industry platforms such as HomeAway 


The Ultimate Guide on PPC Marketing for Law Firms

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PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is one of the quickest ways that lawyers generate high quality leads. Unlike SEO (search engine optimization), you can use PPC advertising to start acquiring clients almost instantaneously and allows you to appear on sites and for